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We know you’re under pressure…

To get attention for your company; to convert attention into profits; to do it while guarding your budget as if it were Fort Knox. At Rollins Communications, we know the pressure you’re under. And we help to lessen it with effective, cost efficient solutions to your target market. Our service starts with a carefully drawn profile of your customers: Who are they? Where do they live? What makes their hearts beat faster? Whom do they trust? We consider a variety of methods to reach and influence your audience. These might include public relations, community partnerships, added-value promotions, partnerships with broadcast stations, search engine optimization, social networking, marketing consultation and more. Once we know your audience and what moves them, we’re ready to create a plan to get their attention.

Since 1996, Rollins Communications has helped clients get more for their money.  Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Rollins Communications understands that one of the most important business values is client communication.  Clients want total access.  There is no more 9 am to 5 pm business.  The climate is 24/7 and Rollins delivers on total access everyday.

Rollins extensive work in the following markets: Broken Arrow, Owasso, Edmond, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Austin, Bixby, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, Houston, Orlando, Little Rock, and many more, has given him the knowledge and history to ensure your media investment is managed without error.


Todd Rollins

Todd Rollins of Rollins Communications is an expert in Media Buying, Marketing and Sales.  Because Todd believes in excellence, he has an excellent team that is known for going the extra mile in consultation, customer service, and producing the best and most cost effective tools of marketing and advertising.