Media Planning & Buying

Once you trust Rollins Communications with developing a media buying campaign for your business, you’ll begin seeing real results from your marketing efforts. We develop media plans that are built on a foundation of your sales objectives and research, and we’ll help you put that plan into action. Rollins Communications will help you decipher market conditions and tailor a strategy around your goals. We are different from other ad agencies and media buyers because we understand how to purchase the most efficient media for our clients for both traditional and digital media. Our media buys use a number of buying tactics that will give you the biggest bang for your marketing buck.

Once we build and strategize a media plan for your business, we will diligently measure and optimize your campaigns with advanced performance metrics using data to qualify and quantify the effectiveness of the media buys and provide intuitive insight on how you can significantly improve your bottom line.

Rollins Communications provides media planning and media buying services for the following media channels:

  • Television
    • Both local and national cable TV
    • Both local and national broadcast TV
    • Network content sponsorships and integrations
  • Radio
    • Local radio
    • Network radio
    • Content sponsorships and endorsements
  • Print/OOH
    • Outdoor
    • Print
    • Newspaper