Media Planning

Once Rollins Communications has developed a media buying campaign formed on a foundation of a client’s sales objectives and research, the plan is put into action. Based on market conditions and clients goals we determine how to purchase the most efficient media buy for our clients. Our agency’s media buys use a combination of buying tactics that include upfront, scatter, and remnant.

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Television Production

It’s time to turn up your video production to a level that can’t be ignored. Once you see the ground-breaking results of our video advertising, your office neighbors are all going to ask you to “Turn it down!”

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Social Media

Social Media is no longer cutting edge, it’s main stream and the fastest way to connect with your clients and get your message out. We can help you use this strategy to reach current and potential clients in a new way.

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SEO Services

Increase traffic to your website with Search Engine Optimization. No guess work. No replication. Just tailored solutions to meet your SEO needs.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC Services help you to reach your customers online via paid search advertising. Rollins Communication’s in-house experts provide full-range PPC services to help you achieve the goals quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

PPC Services for Rollins Communications Clients:

  • Reduced spend by 30%, while maintaining consistent volume of traffic
  • Reduced Cost-Per-Click by up to 25% and increased impressions
  • Tripled the click-through rate of an ad group from 2.79% to 7.36% through ad text optimization.
  • Increased Quality Score averages to 7, which provided 43% lower cost per click (CPC) while maintaining conversion volume.

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Targeted Display Advertising


  • Audiences are custom built using individual data elements, ensuring that you are targeting the precise audience that is providing the maximum performance for you campaign.
  • Audiences are optimized on the fly, so that campaigns learn and improve over time.
  • Expensive pre-packaged audience segments or contextual categories are eliminated, lowering your costs.
  • CRM data can be targeted with high precision, enabling higher effectiveness and a better customer experience.
  • ROLLINS COMMUNICATIONS unparalleled data network provides 100% intent-based data at a massive scale.
  • Automated systems combined with real account managers calculates the value of each ad impression and programmatically adjust bids accordingly

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