Television Production

It’s time to turn up your video production to a level that can’t be ignored. Once you see the ground-breaking results of our video advertising, your office neighbors are all going to ask you to “Turn it down!”

How do we create such loud, striking and effective video campaigns?

It’s a secret formula that involves passion, energy and intelligence.

It’s that feeling you get when you see one of your favorite bands live. When the lights come on and they’re standing there in front of you and you feel that rush of anticipation and glee.

That’s how we feel about every video production we take on. If it doesn’t excite us and bring us to our feet, then it’s not worth our time and definitely not worth yours. That’s passion. That’s energy.

The last ingredient is intelligence, and we do that by producing your entire commercial in house. Talk about cost effective! From on-location filming, to white-stage, to fully designed and built sets – we location scout, audition actors, assemble top-notch crews, and do everything required to ensure your television commercial, web video or branded show hits your target audience like a sucker punch from Ultimate Fighter Chuck Liddell.

We don’t play on stage, but we are some serious rock stars.